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In Breakfast

By improvinista

Sweet Potato Hash Browns

On 17, Mar 2012 | No Comments | In Breakfast | By improvinista

I’ll say it over and over again. Finding inspiration for a quick gluten free breakfast can be frustrating. I grew up in a family that sat down for a home-cooked breakfast every morning (I know, spoiled), and have a special bond to belgian waffles, crepes and dutch babies…if you know any good gluten free recipes for these, please share! In lieu of the classic breakfasts served by my mom, I have had to be a bit more resourceful in order to eat breakfast as king.

If you are doing the detox diet on this blog, this makes the BEST breakfast hands down. It pairs a few of my favorite things in the world—sweet potatoes and guacamole! I remember as a kid watching in disgust as one of my friend’s ate two polar opposite foods, together. His response to my disgust was, well, I like PB & J and I like quesadillas, so what’s wrong with that?!…To each his own. This isn’t nearly that odd, just maybe not the first thing to come to mind. You’ll need a sweet potato, avocados, garlic, onions, tomatoes and some coconut oil. Easy enough! To fancy it up a bit more, fry up and egg and top with some pico de gallo.


1 sweet potato
spoonful of unrefined coconut oil
salt + pepper to taste

Step 1: To make the hash-browns, peel the sweet potato and then shred it (I used a food processor for efficient shredding). Put your shredded sweet potato on some paper towels and get as much moisture out as possible. Rumor has it that a rice presser is the way to go. The less moisture you have, the crunchier your hash-browns will be.

Step 2: Place a large skillet on medium high heat. Plop in some coconut oil and wait until the oil begins to bubble slightly. Add a thin layer of shredded sweet potato and spread evenly so no area is thicker than another, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cook for a few minutes and turn it over and do it all again. Remove from pan and put in your next load of sweet potatoes.

Step 3: Make your guacamole. For the recipe, click here.

Step 4: Fry up an egg and top with some pico de gallo!


This recipe is approved for the detox diet, weeks 1-6.

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